Introduced in 1998, MACH3 was the most significant men’s shaving advance since the launch of Gillette’s Trac II twin blade razor.

With its three progressively aligned blades and streamlined DLC™ Comfort Edges, which were thinner than any other Gillette blade edges at that time, MACH3 represented a quantum leap in shaving technology and performance. The progressively aligned, spring-mounted blades, DLC™ Comfort Edges and innovative forward pivot action work in concert to provide men with a close shave in fewer strokes with less irritation.


Operating under 35 patents, the MACH3Turbo shaving system added significant performance enhancements to MACH3’s breakthrough technologies. Anti-Friction blades reduce the cutting force needed to slice through hair. An ultra-soft protective skin guard with thinner microfins engages beard hair and stretches the skin more effectively—for a close and comfortable shave with less irritation, even when shaving against the grain.


A powered wet shaving system for men that delivered a totally new shaving experience. M3Power continued the heritage of MACH3 by combining Gillette’s latest and best razor and blade technologies at that time. Gillette M3Power also features: blades with PowerGlide™—an enhanced blade coating for incredible glide and maximum comfort, a moisturizing Indicator® Lubrastrip™ and a technologically advanced handle.