Fusion® ProGlide® 

Gillette’s Best Shave Ever

Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide® and ProGlide® Power launched in 2010. Engineered with 15% thinner, finer blades* for less tug and pull and an effortless glide, ProGlide set a new standard in shaving performance. Gillette’s most comfortable shave ever is the result of extensive research and development. Other key improvements include:

  • an innovative blade suspension system that optimizes blade positioning against your skin.
  • an enhanced lubrastrip with more lubricants enables the razor to glide smoothly.
  • a redesigned precision trimmer ideal for shaving tricky places like under the nose.
  • a more ergonomic handle for better control.

Gillette® Fusion® and Gillette® Fusion® Power launched in 2005. All Fusion razors feature a five-blade Shaving Surface technology on the front of the cartridge, with blades spaced 30% closer together than MACH3® blades. This distributes the shaving force across the blade, resulting in increased comfort and significantly less irritation. The Fusion brand family introduced of Gillette® Fusion® Power Phantom® in 2006, Gillette® Fusion® Power Phenom® in 2007 and Gillette® Fusion® Power Gamer® and Gillette® Fusion® Power MVP® in 2009.

* First four blades vs. Fusion.