Eukanuba is the world leader in superior pet nutrition. For more than 40 years, Eukanuba has enhanced the lives of dogs and cats through long-standing innovation in premium nutrition.

Eukanuba is the brand that breeders and experts trust to deliver the best nutrition to their pets.

Over the years, Eukanuba has pioneered a number of scientific firsts. These include Denta Defense®, a type of micro-cleaning crystals that help reduce tartar by up to 55%, as well as the introduction of sugar-removed beet pulp to promote digestive health. Eukanuba was the first to source high-quality primary proteins exclusively from animals, not plants, to provide all essential amino acids. It was also the first brand to optimize DHA levels for smarter, more trainable puppies.

From one amazing breakthrough to another—and with more than 50 tailored formulas that meet the unique needs of every breed—consumers trust Eukanuba to bring out the best in their dogs.