Tampax, a world leader in feminine protection, is dedicated to helping women live life on their own terms.

Since Dr. Earle Haas applied for his first tampon patent in 1931, Tampax has worked to help women all over the world live their period days just like any other. In addition to its original cardboard applicator tampon, Tampax also markets Tampax Pearl plastic, the leading tampon in North America, and Tampax Compak Pearl, which offers full-size protection in a cute extendable applicator.

Beyond period protection, Tampax touches women’s lives in other ways as well. Tampax helps teach girls around the world about the important topics of puberty and development. The brand-sponsored website beinggirl.com, created by girls for girls, provides teens a safe and discreet way to get information, ask questions, and interact with peers facing similar issues.

In some regions of the world, many girls miss school each month because they lack access to sanitary protection and other resources needed to manage their periods. To help tackle this issue and help keep girls in school, Tampax and its sister brand Always created Protecting Futures, a program that has helped provide puberty education and feminine protection in 17 developing countries

A Small Wonder

Today, more than 70 years after its introduction, Tampax is the worldwide market leader. Consumer Reports magazine chose the tampon as one of “50 small wonders and big deals that revolutionized the lives of consumers.” Tampax are used with confidence by over 100 million women in over 150 countries.