Since its introduction in 1984, Always has
made a woman’s period a more positive,
happier experience.

Always, the world’s leader in feminine protection, is dedicated to helping women embrace womanhood positively—from the very beginning of puberty through their adult lives.

The Always brand is behind some of the biggest innovations in feminine hygiene history, including the introduction of winged pads in 1985 and Ultra thin pads in 1990. Continuing its goal of improving women’s lives across the world, Always recently introduced Always Infinity, a pad made with a new-to-the-world material that enables women to have the magical combination of absorbency, amazing softness, and flexibility all in one pad.

Beyond period protection, Always touches women’s lives in other ways as well. A global puberty education program established by Always helps teach girls around the world about the important topics of puberty and development. The program reaches approximately 83% of fifth grade girls in the U.S.

The brand-sponsored Web site, created by girls for girls, provides teens a safe and discreet way to get information, ask questions, and interact with peers facing similar issues.

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Ann Bruce, a Principal Engineer at P&G, recounts the moment she and her team knew Always Infinity was a breakthrough consumer experience that would improve the lives of women around the world.

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