The Febreze brand is known for eliminating everyday odors on fabrics and in the air.

In 1998, Procter & Gamble created a new product category in the laundry aisle by launching Febreze Fabric Refresher, the first product of its kind to eliminate unwanted household odors from soft surfaces. Now, twelve years later, Febreze continues to lead the fabric and air care categories while bringing new product and scent innovations to market.

In 2008, the preeminent Febreze Fabric Refresher was upgraded to feature a fine mist spray that eliminates everyday odors on fabrics and in the air. Today, the Fabric Refresher line remains popular and includes products to suit every need—Antimicrobial, Febreze Auto, Pet Odor Eliminator, Allergen Reducer, SPORT, and To Go.

The brand also expanded its odor elimination and scenting expertise by introducing a premium décor line and bringing exotic scents from around the globe into the home. The Febreze line up also includes their pluggable NOTICEables, the set & refresh which doesn’t require plugs or batteries, the Air Effects aerosol spray and their latest CAR air freshener, offering options when it comes to air care while meeting the needs of consumers.

Throughout its history and successful product introductions, Febreze has become more than a mass retailer favorite…it’s truly a breath of fresh air.