Bold 2in1

Bold 2in1 brings out the sensorial side of clean laundry, enriching both laundry and life.

The Bold 2in1 brand has continually transformed the laundry aisle. Created in 1972 as the first non-biological powder, it was re-launched in 1982 as the first combined detergent and fabric conditioner. Bold 2in1 does so much more than just clean—it delivers the perfect balance of cleaning, softness, and freshness.

Bold 2in1 was also the first brand to use floral fragrances. It has delighted people ever since with a continually changing, colorful range of fresh scents. Now Bold 2in1 offers long-lasting scents that keep your laundry fresh even after 3 weeks in your wardrobe.

Millions of the brand’s loyal users believe it delivers a true multi-sensorial experience, which helps turn what might otherwise be a dull routine into something filled with delightful and pleasurable moments.

People believe Bold 2in1 plays an important role in their lives because it helps them treat those close to them to feel-good fabric experiences: “Feeling good, feeling Bold.”