Ariel helped to transform the world of washing, and innovation has been a core part of its life ever since.

In the late ’60s Ariel was launched to the world*. It was a time when individuals believed they could make a huge difference in the world—a time of challenge and idealism, of vision transformed into action. For Ariel, it was about imagination, determination, and technological empowerment freeing women from their traditional domestic role.

With its groundbreaking atomium logo, Ariel looked and sounded completely different from any other product on the market. It heralded the birth of the biological washing phenomenon, which liberated women from the hard work of hand washing. Ariel wasn’t just a new washing powder—it was a completely new idea and a miraculous new way of washing.

Since 1968, Ariel has experienced a steady stream of progressive product innovations. These include stepchanges in cleaning and whiteness performance with activated bleach and bleaching systems, the introduction of liquid for better dissolution and care of clothes, groundbreaking compaction technologies, and improved performance on specific stains.

Ariel has met a wider need through the development of sustainability initiatives. Our history of innovating in compaction and low temperature washing faces a new reality when the environment matters more than ever before, and we have correspondingly raised our awareness of and made an explicit commitment to sustainability.