Pampers and UNICEF: Working Together for Healthy Babies

Every year 59,000 people die from maternal and neonatal tetanus. Every 9 minutes Newborn Tetanus claims a child’s life. 160 babies and children are dying needlessly every single day from a completely preventable disease. So for the sixth year running, P&G (Pampers) is teaming up with UNICEF to deliver the vaccines that vulnerable women and their children need.

With the purchase of one pack of Pampers, one dose of the vaccine is donated. Our campaign has created the highest awareness ever for maternal and neonatal tetanus, helping put the disease back on the agenda of health authorities.

Since 2006, a total of 100 million women and their babies have been protected against maternal and neonatal tetanus.

P&G and UNICEF have also teamed up to offer P&G employees in Western Europe the opportunity to take a three-month sabbatical and work with UNICEF. The programme is aimed at employees who have always wanted to undertake humanitarian work but have not had the chance before.

Together we can help eliminate Newborn Tetanus