Sustainable Innovations

Products with Environmental Improvements

We innovate to incorporate sustainability criteria into our products in a number of ways - from formulation to packaging. In doing so, we find ways to deliver significant sustainability improvement without asking the consumer to make trade-offs in performance or value.

Here are just a few examples:


Pampers with Dry Max is the brand’s biggest innovation in the last 25 years. Pampers developed the Dry Max technology, which allows for the removal of the air felt (paper pulp) from the nappy core

Laundry Compaction

After innovating to convert parts of our liquid laundry detergent portfolio to a “2X” concentrated formulation, we now use less water, generate less emissions and packaging, and this all has less of a shipping impact.

Ariel Turn to 30°C Campaign

Our life cycle assessment of laundry detergent revealed that one step in the process consumed far more energy than any other: the heating of the wash water during its use in the home. By developing the technology behind Ariel Cool Clean and spreading the word, we gave our consumers here in the UK the opportunity to reduce household electricity consumption - with no trade-off in performance.

Ariel Excel Gel

The consumer-inspired innovation behind Ariel Excel Gel reduces the product’s environmental impact throughout the life cycle. Its manufacturing process saves energy and water, it uses less packaging, and half the number of trucks are needed to transport it. In addition, the ability to do laundry at a lower temperature helps consumers save energy themselves.

Olay’s New Pump

Total Effects, Olay’s top-selling line of anti-aging moisturizers, is introducing an improved pump design that is expected to save 800,000 pounds of plastic a year - equivalent to the weight of a Boeing 747.


Smart Plugs, available with nearly all Braun electric razors, use 64% less energy than standard shavers - almost double the Energy Star certification average. The energy saved by one Smart Plug on standby for a year is enough to power a 60-watt light bulb for six days and nights.