The Hardest Job is the Best Job - Raising an Olympian

Irwin Lee, Vice President and Managing Director, P&G UK and Ireland

On Tuesday 17th April 2012, we launched our first ever global advertising and marketing campaign for the P&G corporate brand which went live in all our markets across the world simultaneously. The global ‘Thank you, Mum’ campaign was our first Olympic Games themed activity from P&G as part of our global 10 year partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

Since stepping out from behind our brands as the ‘Proud sponsor of Mums’ in March 2011, our IOC campaign has delivered outstanding business and brand-building results in the UK. Our corporate brand in the UK has increased +20% in familiarity and +10% in favourability with consumers in the UK. A single gondola-end display with one of our leading customers delivers +12% higher sales with the IOC association than an identical display without it.

The latest activity formed part of our wider ‘Proud sponsor of Mums’ campaign which recognises and celebrates the dedication and sacrifices mums make for their children every day, and our ‘One Thank You = One Chance to Win’ campaign for Mother’s Day in the UK led seamlessly into our part in the simultaneous, global ‘Thank you, Mum’ digital launch.

On the eve of the synchronized launch, we held a screening event for 80 UK media and key stakeholders at the May Fair Hotel in London. We welcomed iconic British mum, Dawn French as our host for the evening, who introduced our P&G athlete mums at the same time as we unveiled the world premiere of our new advert, ‘The Hardest Job is the Best Job.’

‘The Hardest Job is the Best Job’ is a highly emotive advert that brings to life the hard work and dedication of mums across the world every day to help their kids to achieve their dreams. It culminates with that once-in-a-lifetime moment when each child first competes at the London 2012 Olympic Games, interspersed with clips of mums supporting their kids from the stands.

The campaign kicked off on our digital and social media platforms to coincide with 100 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The majority of our brands - including Gillette, Pampers and Oral-B – as well as our corporate brand in all regions activated the ‘Thank you, Mum’ campaign.

We put the ‘Best Job’ assets directly into the hands of our consumer and influencers to launch the campaign in digital and social media. People can watch the heart-warming advert by visiting Inspired viewers can then go to on Facebook where, through the ‘Mum Thanker,’ they can create their own ‘Thank you, Mum’ message by uploading personalized content in the form of a video, still image with caption or text-based message. Users are then able to encourage friends and family to do the same, spreading the word to thank and celebrate all mums.

We leveraged every asset, engaged our consumers at every touch point, and activated every influencer group to plant our overarching message driving awareness of the ‘Thank you, Mum’ campaign and sparking conversations about P&G as the Proud sponsor of Mums.

And to complement our global ‘Thank you, Mum’ campaign, we are proud to have introduced the ‘Raising an Olympian’ films - a series of eight short, documentary-style films in the UK, telling the gripping story of what it takes to raise a world class athlete through the eyes of some of their mums we have been working with.

Dawn French helped us to deliver their stories through an everyday mum lens, and our P&G athlete mums brought ‘Raising an Olympian’ to life in a way that all mums and mum thankers can connect with.

For the mums in these films, this year will be one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking that they will go through. Their hard work and dedication to their children has never been more important. As the athletes prepare for the biggest sporting moment of their career, these mums share their most intimate thoughts, hopes and fears, and we get to celebrate and thank them for how they’ve helped their children to realize their ambitions.

The following mums recorded films giving an exclusive insight into the highs and lows of raising a champion athlete from their early childhood to recent successes on the world stage:

  • Carol Hoy - mum of Sir Chris Hoy, cycling
  • Rose Kwakye - mum of Jeanette Kwakye, athletics
  • Pat Payne - mum of Keri-Anne Payne, swimming
  • Pauline Pendleton - mum of Victoria Pendleton, cycling
  • Alison Powell - mum of Jessica Ennis, athletics
  • Pat Radcliffe - mum of Paula Radcliffe, athletics
  • Alison Rushgrove - mum of Paralympian Ben Rushgrove, athletics
  • Kim Tancock - mum of Liam Tancock, swimming

You can view the advert or the ‘Raising an Olympian’ films online and lend your voice to the ‘Thank you, Mum’ campaign by visiting our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

Irwin Lee
Vice President and Managing Director, P&G UK and Ireland

“With just 100 days to go, athletes around the world are being selected to represent their countries at the Olympic Games. At P&G we know that getting to the Olympic Games begins at childhood and that on each of these athletes’ journeys to London 2012, there was one person cheering for them louder than anyone…their mums. P&G is in the business of helping mums, not just mums of Olympians, all mums, all around the world. So we’re using our voice at the Olympic Games to thank mums everywhere.”

Marc Pritchard, Global Marketing and Brand Building Officer, P&G

“I am very proud to be part of this campaign as I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the unconditional support of my mum and family. Thank you Mum.”

Paula Radcliffe, athlete and P&G ambassador for Pampers and Fairy

“I’m proud to have partnered with P&G to introduce these films that honour some unsung heroines. Like mums everywhere, athletes’ mums have worked tirelessly making countless packed lunches, powering through piles of dirty kit, driving thousands of miles and cheering their children to victory from toddlers to medal-winning athletes. They have not thought of the sacrifices they have made, but have put their children first at every turn, and so we should stand together and say to each of them ‘Thank you, Mum.’”

Dawn French, comedienne and mum

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