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P&G ‘nearest & dearest’ in Ireland

We invited the parents of Irish Olympic and Paralympic Games hopefuls to Tollymore Co.Down to unveil the ‘nearest & dearest’ campaign as well as surprising them with the gift of free 1st round tickets.

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Braun Battle of the Year

With Battle of the Year and Braun cruZer both revolving around creativity and style, the two are a perfect combo. As the official partner of Battle of the Year, Braun cruZer is proud to present this creative and innovative event series – so rock the stage and shave your style!

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Behind the Scenes with Eva Mendes and Pantene

What goes into creating a commercial? Talent, cameras, and lots of hard work! Check out some of the gorgeous footage from Pantene's "Turn up the Heat" shoot with Eva Mendes, and find out what went in to capturing it all.

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Gillette Masters of Style

Check out the Masters of Style Adrien Brody, Gael García Bernal & André 3000 and the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler. This 3-in-1 grooming tool offers even trimming, a close shave, and accurate edging to help you master your facial hair style. Just launched in the US… coming to the UK later this year.

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