More than 50 years of happy babies – more than 50 years of happy mums

Heidi Piper, Baby Care Research and Development Director, P&G

Our latest innovation, Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max is the culmination of years of this dedicated research and innovation. Just as technology is getting thinner, smaller and better, so is Pampers. It is one of the environment's 'smartest' nappies – a high performance nappy in a thinner, less bulky design. Dry Max technology provides a hard-working, absorbent core that eliminates the need for the ‘fluff’ paper pulp found in many nappies. New Active Fit contains 20 percent less bulk making it the brand’s thinnest nappy to-date, marking a significant innovation in terms of dual product benefits: dryness and thinness.

Pampers has been inspired by babies and mums for more than half a century. Its story starts with one man’s idea for a disposable nappy. This idea created one of the most recognisable, trusted brands the world has seen and has since changed the lives of millions of little ones and their parents forever.

Victor Mills was a chemical engineer, a P&G researcher and a grandfather. He wanted to create a better nappy for his grandson and set about investigating the practicality of using a disposable nappy. The first Pampers nappies were all crafted by hand.

Through the 1960s and 1970s we improved the nappy, replacing the pins with tape to make Pampers nappies safer and more practical. We were also busy creating Pampers toddler sizes, extra absorbent daytime nappies, improved newborn ranges, quilted Pampers and premature infant sizes. The first Pampers nappies to use AGM or absorbent gel material were created in the 1980s. They were thinner, more absorbent and, for the first time, included the elastic leg gathers to fit the baby better and allow for more containment. Throughout the 1990s, Pampers continued to evolve to meet the different stages of development for babies and the different requirements these bring.

Today, Pampers has a nappy for every baby. From special nappies created for premature babies (or ‘preemies’) that are small enough for a 500g baby, through to pull-ups and UnderJams for children weighing up to 85 pounds. We’re providing trusted Pampers performance right through the stages of development and up and down price tiers.

And this improves people’s lives. Babies go through about 4,000 nappies in the first two and a half years of their lives. A baby learning to walk takes as many steps in one day as a runner does during a marathon. Performance, dryness, comfort and freedom of movement all make a huge difference in a baby’s life; their safety, happiness and ability to get a good night’s sleep is what matters most in mum and dad’s lives too.

That’s why we never stop trying to make Pampers better. We have more than 1,200 visits from babies and their mums, testing up to 50,000 nappies, every week in our research and development centre in Germany. This allows us to study babies wearing their Pampers nappies on the go. Watching them playing and seeing how they need their nappies to fit, we can make any necessary adjustments to ensure they stay dry, comfortable and happy throughout the day and night.

Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max is our first high-tech nappy but it also signifies another step in the brand’s journey to create products with an improved environmental profile. By switching to Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max from the previous generation of Active Fit, it is an equivalent of each mum throwing away one less nappy every day, or it’s like saving the weight of 1055 nappies per baby during their time using Pampers.

Put simply, it’s a step forward for baby, for mum and for the environment.

You can find out more about Pampers in the UK via our website, our Facebook page, through Twitter or by contacting us through the P&G corporate press office.

Heidi Piper
Baby Care Research and Development Director, P&G

Our science

  • The new super-absorbent core eliminates the need for the ‘fluff’ paper pulp meaning the nappies are 20% thinner
  • New Active Fit comes with 14% reduction in weight, and needs 13% less energy than before across its life cycle
  • Since 1987, Pampers has reduced its product and packaging weight by an average of more than 50% and its packaging weight by an average of more than 70%

Our consumer

  • Babies go through about 4,000 nappies in the first two years of their lives
  • A baby who is walking takes as many steps in one day as a runner does during a marathon
  • More than 1,200 mums and babies test more than 50,000 nappies every week at our Pampers R&D centre

Our market

  • Pampers is the largest global brand in P&G’s portfolio
  • Pampers generates approximately $10 billion in sales every year

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