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The Olympic Games Opportunity

Years of planning and preparation, discussion and debate have now passed and we have finally entered 2012. London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games fever is already dominating the news. Excitement is growing towards the Games and it will truly ignite when the torch relay welcomes the greatest event in the world to our country.

We are seeing the predicted shift in the tone of media coverage—mirroring public sentiment—from scepticism and doubt to excitement and celebration. London 2012 is moving from a local story for the host city, to a national event for the host country. We all recognise the opportunity this presents. We’ve seen the impact that these momentous events can have on the national mood and, in turn, on economic performance. The Royal Wedding proved a powerful stimulant for short-term renewal and growth in the summer of 2011. This year, with London 2012 and the Royal Jubilee, we have the opportunity to take that same feeling and sentiment of celebration and optimism for the future and play it over a much longer period.

The opportunity that London 2012 presents is not just for the six weeks during which the Games run, it starts now and runs right through this year. During my time in Asia, I knew China was set for the decade because of the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai and the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. These historic events are such catalysts for economic renewal. The eyes of the world are turning to London and we must be ready to fully embrace the opportunity standing before us.

We absolutely believe that those who best capture the spirit of 2012 and the mood of the country, through their brands and in their stores, will reap the most reward. To be successful, our campaigns must be meaningful, natural and credible and we’ve worked tirelessly to guarantee this across our range of brand campaigns for 2012. We have some of the UK’s leading athletes behind us too. Sir Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis, Paula Radcliffe, Mark Cavendish and many more will be ‘the’ faces of 2012 and we’re delighted to have them associated with our brands and campaigns. People want to hear their stories, to follow their progress and feel part of their success, and we’re delivering that.

We’re investing across the board to make both our P&G ‘Proud sponsor of Mums’ and our individual brand campaigns as big as they can be this year. We want to make it the best experience for London, for the UK and for our industry, to embrace the opportunity before us and use this momentous event for the country to restore optimism and reinvigorate growth. It’s our time to win and we look forward to having you all with us on this journey.

Irwin Lee
Vice President and Managing Director, P&G UK and Ireland

Irwin Lee
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