The Future of Beauty and Grooming – 2011 Awards

Zaid Al-Qassab, Beauty & Grooming Marketing Director, P&G UK & Ireland

Recently we invited the great and the good of the UK Beauty and Grooming media to join us at BAFTA for the seventh annual P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards. These awards are designed to recognise and reward the talented and creative within the beauty and grooming industry, and to continue to demonstrate our commitment to and passion for the sector.

This year the awards were hosted by George Lamb. Some 250 guests attended including editors, publishers, and potential award-winning beauty and grooming journalists and bloggers. We also welcomed key industry figures and this year’s distinguished judging panel representing the world of beauty, style, fashion and literature.

This is a special night for the nominees and the winners but also for the P&G Beauty & Grooming team as it gives us a chance to say thank you. Without the beauty and grooming media, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. They connect us to the people who buy and use our products every day. They are the credible, trusted voice that people turn to when they’re searching for a new look, a new style, or the latest product to help them feel at their very best every day.

And we wanted to thank all our media colleagues for all their support this year - because it’s been tough.

Today’s beauty and grooming shoppers can be forgiven for feeling less than certain about the future. Many have been hit hard by the recession. Whilst times are tough for all our consumers and spending choices are becoming more careful and considered, demand for the best beauty and grooming products has remained resilient. People still want to look and feel their best and are willing to pay for it where they see real performance on the brands they recognise and trust. They’re still excited by innovation and breakthrough technologies that offer them something new and different.

Across the scale of our P&G Beauty and Grooming business, we’re seeing a resilient consumer who is determined to have the brands and products he or she sees as being the best. It’s our job to bring those products to market with the right communications and in-store presence to get people to try them, to experience the performance and then repeat. Once people find a product they love and trust, their loyalty is fierce and they tell their friends who want the same.

That said, expectations of all our companies, businesses and publications are greater than ever before. People are no longer spectators in the pressing social, economic and environmental issues of the day. They’re stepping up and taking action - and they expect us to do the same.

This changing world means people want to know what and who is behind our brands and behind our companies. They want to know if we share their values, if we’re interested in making a difference in the world and in their lives - and not just in making money.

So we’re changing too. We’ve started to talk to consumers as P&G. People put their trust in companies and brands that understand them, that play a part in their lives and work for them. We want people to know that P&G is the company behind so many of their favourite beauty and grooming brands including Max Factor, Gillette, Olay, Braun and Pantene.

Developments in digital, mobile and social media provide a new world of opportunities for this. Every day, we move closer to a one-to-one, intimate conversation tailored to the individual. But bringing in the new does not mean out with the old and the familiar – the tried and tested. While online and mobile are the hot new things, TV and print continue to be important vehicles for mass reach. Increasingly, we live in a multi-tasking, multi-sensorial, multi-media world. So the question for the future of consumer connections isn’t, ‘How do we shift from traditional to new media?,’ but rather, ‘How do we maximise multi-touchpoints across all relevant media?’

How can we all work together as an industry to better serve the people who read the magazines, the websites, and the blogs? Who watch the vodcasts, podcasts and wavecasts we all create? Who are looking to be informed, entertained and, in the end, delighted by us?

This is the opportunity for us all, and you’ll be seeing a lot more in the future from P&G Beauty & Grooming. Guided by our purpose to improve people’s lives in small but meaningful ways with our brands, we’ll be bringing new innovation to market, we’ll be doing more multi-brand commercial activity and we have some amazing plans on our biggest brands to bring the Olympic Games to the world of beauty and grooming.

To find out more about the P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards, you can visit our website, or follow our P&G Twitter account for all our latest news. You can also contact us through the P&G corporate press office.

Zaid Al-Qassab
Beauty & Grooming Marketing Director, P&G UK & Ireland

“The P&G Beauty & Grooming awards are our way of recognising the best of the best in the UK beauty and grooming media. We want to celebrate their successes and triumphs, and the contribution they make to our business and to the lives of our consumers. What we learn from the beauty and grooming press here in the UK, we take all around the world—so it’s important we take the time to say thank you.”

Andrea Witty
Beauty & Grooming Communications Manager, P&G UK & Ireland

P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards judges

  • Marie Helvin, model and author
  • Maggie Alderson, best-selling author and former editor of London Evening Standard’s ES magazine
  • Professor Louise Wilson OBE, MA Fashion Course Director, Central Saint Martins
  • Kim Hunt, creative director and writer

P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards winners

  • Best Grooming Blog or Online Editorial Journalist - Chris Beastall
  • Best Beauty & Grooming Journalist on a National, Supplement or Freesheet - Beatrice Aidin
  • Best Independent Beauty Blog - Sophie Beresiner
  • Best Beauty Journalist on a Weekly Magazine - Rachel Gilbert
  • Best Visual Styling of a Beauty or Grooming Feature - Adrian Clark
  • Best Grooming Journalist - Eric Down
  • Best Beauty Journalist on Monthly Magazine - Alice Ripman
  • Best Online Beauty Journalist - Jess Hogan
  • The Industry Choice - Newby Hands
  • Rising Star - Sarah Jossel

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