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Innovating for everyday life

At P&G, we see big potential in the little moments in life. Brushing teeth. Washing hair. Having a shower or a bath. Changing a nappy. Cleaning the house. Doing the dishes and the laundry. To us, the moments that help make everyday life possible are anything but ordinary.

These moments are the inspiration for our innovation, the place our brands touch the lives of people around the world, where our purpose as a company is brought to life. Serving people by making a small difference in these everyday tasks is how we succeed, it’s how we grow, and our ability to innovate remains the driving force behind this.

We’re also expanding successful marketing innovation such as Future Friendly, our multi-brand sustainability programme, and the Pampers-UNICEF “One Pack Equals One Vaccine” campaign. The Old Spice “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign created a digital movement and demand that’s catapulted the brand to market leadership in the U.S. and now it’s going global. P&G’s worldwide sponsorship of the Olympic Games is the perfect platform for integrated, multi-brand commercial innovation and we’re leading the way here in the UK and Ireland for London 2012.

Crucially, we’re also making great strides in our efforts to achieve this growth sustainably. Through our products, our operations and our social responsibility work, we’re staying true to our commitment to improve lives now, and for generations to come. In this edition of Inside P&G we share the stories of a few of our consumers from around the world and how our brands are making a difference in their lives. We offer insight into the reach and impact of corporate-NGO partnerships like Pampers UNICEF, and we provide an update on the progress we’re making towards our ambitious long-term sustainability vision.

We also provide exciting news of our ‘nearest & dearest’ campaign formed in partnership with the British Olympic and Paralympic Associations, and we introduce you to Braun’s first ever Global Ambassador, José Mourinho.

Irwin Lee
Vice President and Managing Director, P&G UK and Ireland

Irwin Lee
A big vision and reality-based strategies – our progress so far A big vision and reality-based strategies – our progress so far

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