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Dr. Sian Morris, Olay Principal Scientist, P&G UK and Ireland

On 22nd June, a limited stock of 300 Olay Professional Anti-Wrinkle kits was released for pre-sale. It sold out in 39 minutes.

Olay Professional is a new range of skin care products specifically designed and formulated with Olay scientists and world-leading independent dermatology experts.

Years of genomic research were focused on developing a comprehensive understanding of the difference between young and old skin. This inspired a range of formulations designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 28 days.

One of the greatest scientific achievements of all time occurred in genomic research a decade ago with the announcement of the completion of the human genome sequence. It took over 10 years and $3 billion to complete just one person’s genome and offered new insights into the most fundamental aspects of human biology.

Solving the human genome puzzle was only possible through new advanced technologies like the gene chip array which allows researchers to study thousands of gene changes on a single chip. Capturing the data delivered by one chip today would have taken over 147 years previously. This faster, more dynamic and comprehensive methodology gave birth to the new study of genomics allowing us to capture a more dynamic picture of our genes and their response to stimuli.

P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists immediately saw the potential for this new field of study to help us not only develop a deeper understanding of fundamental skin biology but to study and evaluate the molecular changes that lie behind the visual signs of ageing that men and women see in the mirror as we get older.

Today Olay scientists are using the most advanced gene chip technologies and monitoring 9.4 million gene changes in a single experiment. Our research includes a comparison of the gene activities in younger and older skin showing that skin ageing is due to a number of wide-ranging factors and clearly suggesting that a comprehensive approach is needed to truly affect the skin ageing process.

To fully realize skin care potential, Olay scientists collaborated with renowned international experts in dermatology, clinical methods, biochemistry and molecular biology to form the ‘Olay Professional Alliance for Skin Care Innovation’. This panel of experts, set strict criteria essential to the selection of products and ingredients, and developed and validated the study protocols of the clinical studies.

The Olay Professional range benefits not only from a unique combination of ingredients to target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but a unique product range which includes moisturizer-based products designed for use on the entire face and specialized treatments for specific areas of concern.

Olay Professional goes beyond theories or hope in a pot to deliver scientifically proven and effective skincare solutions. To find out more about how we continue to bring together fundamental science understanding, innovations in ingredient search, and partnerships within P&G and with leading experts, you can find us on online or contact us through the P&G corporate press office.

Dr. Sian Morris
Olay Principal Scientist, P&G UK and Ireland

Our science

  • ‘Olay Professional Alliance for Skin Care Innovation’ panel of renowned experts in dermatology, clinical methods, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Monitoring 9.4 million gene changes in a single experiment

Our consumer

  • Clinically proven, younger-looking skin in 28 days
  • Moisture loss rate reduced by up to 31% after 30 days
  • Significant reduction in the look of deep wrinkles after 28 days
  • Smoother skin with less noticeable fine lines after 28 days

Our market

  • Sold out in 39 minutes
  • Due to popular demand, launch of Olay Professional range brought forward in store

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