Points of View

No single company has all the answers about Sustainability, but P&G is committed to being part of the solution to emerging issues.

Points of View

We seek to demonstrate a clear and transparent point of view on key Sustainability topics, maintaining the highest level of integrity as dictated by our Purpose, Value and Principles.

Our views on such topics—including solid waste, climate change and water—are articulated here. We also want to explain our response to consumers concerned about animal welfare. These important areas impact our world and our business, both today and in the future. So we take them seriously, striving to be part of the conversation and helping to find the answers that Sustainability demands.

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  • Climate Change
    Climate change is a serious issue and we are taking steps to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions and also help consumers lower theirs.
  • Animal Welfare and Alternatives
    P&G products are used in homes around the world, and we are committed to safeguarding the health of our many consumers
  • Wood Pulp Procurement
    We have a responsibility through our procurement practices to ensure sustainability of the world’s forest resources.
  • Palm Oil
    We intend to purchase and use only palm oil that we can confirm to have originated from responsible and sustainable sources.
  • Water
    Our approach to water aims at responsible use by both our Company and our consumers.
  • Solid Waste
    P&G is committed to continuously reducing the amount of waste we create, and we support integrated waste management, even having published a book on this topic.