Employee Engagement

Our objective is to engage and equip all P&G employees to build sustainability thinking and practices into their everyday work. We are driving efforts to make sustainability top-of-mind and keeping personal responsibility relevant both at work and at home.

At P&G, employees often leave a meeting offering to “take the R” (responsibility) for a next step or action item and borrowing from this vernacular, we frame our engagement efforts around the “Take the R for Tomorrow” programme.

Take the R for tomorrow

We partner with our suppliers to implement programmes that improve the environmental profile of our facilities and enable employees to work in an environmentally conscious workplace.

Jones Lang LaSalle, P&G’s property management partner at offices and technical centres, has teams at each location responsible for energy, water and waste reductions. Through this partnership, we have implemented ongoing efforts aimed at educating employees and influencing more sustainable workplace behaviours. In addition, sustainability criteria are part of any future space assessment to ensure new locations meet strict environmental standards.