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Welcome to our Story of Innnovation
As the most comprehensive digital collection of its kind, our virtual P&G Heritage & Archives Center brings you hundreds of rich images and stories surrounding our humble beginnings in 1837, all the way to today.

Experience 175 years of the people, places and product innovations that shaped our past, and continue to shed important light on our future. We hope you enjoy your virtual tour our heritage!
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William Procter and James Gamble, on their way further west, stop in Cincinnati – William to care for his ailing wife and James to seek medical treatment. William, a candle maker and James, a soap maker, joined forces after marrying the Norris sisters. Their partnership, based on a common need for raw materials and a mutual respect for one another, was established in the midst of a financial panic.
Cincinnati Roots, 1830
Founders, 1837
The Moon & Stars, 1859
Ivory Trademark, 1879
Brand Icons, 1964
Old Spice Campaign, 2008
Fusion Pro-Glide, 2010
Tide Pods, 2012